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Atkinson Consulting Group have all the skills and experience required for program reviews and evaluations (both process and outcome evaluations). We have an extensive background in consultations with Aboriginal communities and in delivering effective reports and solutions to funding bodies and government agencies.

We also have extensive experience in social research and consultancy with Aboriginal community members, community-controlled organisations and government agencies. Our special strengths are in exploring issues of rural health and justice. We are skilled in engaging community-based services and encouraging them in their work practices.

Our skills are based in our broad experience as managers in the public and private sectors and as consultants, and include:

  • The ability to work with the client on the project’s scope, integrity and timetabling
  • Methodology design
  • Ability to implement a wide range of methods including
  • Consultations in both community and professional settings
  • Interviewing using face to face, phone or email
  • Surveying using face to face, phone or email (we are proficient in SPSS)
  • Participant observation
  • Content analysis
  • Quantitative analysis of demographic, soioeconomic, service utilisation and survey data
  • Literature research – (we have an information specialist on our team)
  • Financial analysis
  • Analysis of governance
  • Policy analysis
  • Strong communication skills
  • Report writing and presentation
  • Conflict mediation

Our experience includes:

  • Working with governments of all levels (and understanding their process and needs)
  • Involvement with the Indigenous community
  • Working with Aboriginal controlled organisations
  • Experience in the justice sector – prevention, diversion, courts, youth, adult community and prison based
  • Experience in the health sector – primary care, acute care, mental health and substance abuse
  • Experience in the community and business sectors
  • Experience in conducting national projects
  • Experience in conducting state wide projects
  • Experience in regional, rural and remote locations
  • Transforming Conflict Certification; Advanced skills for mediators and people managing conflict, Jim Cyngler Consulting

Our Training and Development Services offer cross-cultural training and also training for community organisations.